Belarus” can be translated from Russian language as “White Russia”, a tender and poetic name perfectly reflecting the spirit of the country and its people. The Russian word “Belaya” means light, pure and innocent. The extraordinary charm of Belarus can be shown in its magnificent nature, in the fascinating beauty of vast forests, in numerous lakes surrounded by picturesque places, in its spacious fields and meadows, in the beauty of crystal clear rivers. The nature is intact and authentic. It will be appreciated by a real connoisseur of the beauty. “The land of woods and lakes” has rich flora and fauna.

For many foreigners Belarus is still an unknown land. However, those people who have discovered our amazing country, do not need to go to the arctic shores any more. They do not need to go to Siberia to see aurochs, deers, wild boars or thousands of birds. They saw them all here, in Belarus. Several national parks and reserves were created in Belarus to protect rare and endangered species of flora and fauna, to organize the monitoring of the nature changes. One of the most beautiful of them is "Braslav Lakes" National Park, the heart of Belarus. The unique ecology of this Land of lakes is till keeping the traces of the Ice Age. Thirty one lakes situated among hills are all unique in their beauty.

Recreational camp “Aktam” is situated in the north-west of Belarus, in ecologically clean area, close to "Braslav Lakes" National Park; the distance from Minsk is 240 km. Recreational camp “Aktam” occupies 5 hectares and is located on the shore of the lake Vazha, which has the area of 330 hectares and is connected with the lakes Uklia, the Obstern and the Nabista. All these lakes compose a part of the Braslav range.

The recreational camp is guarded on a 24-hour basis 7 days a week. Safety of our guests is taken very seriously an is one of our highest concerns.


Recreational camp “Aktam” is built in the unique and low-populated area of wild forests. There are six cozy cottages on campsite territory. The beautiful panorama of the surrounding landscapes can be viewed from the windows of the cottage. In summertime recreational camp “Aktam” can accommodated up to 90 guests. In wintertime four cottages with heating system can hold up to 45 visitors.

There are double standard rooms and rooms for three persons at your full disposal (WC with shower, TV-set and fridge in the hall).

Besides, the 2-storied "enhanced comfort" cottage offers double-rooms, a living room with fireplace and TV-set and well-equipped kitchen. This cottage is secluded and perfect for accommodating a company up to 6 people.


You have a wonderful opportunity to go boating on the picturesque lake Vazha, to go hiking or cycling and enjoy the scenery. You can take part in breathtaking excursion to the most remarkable and the most picturesque places of the National Park “Braslav Lakes”.

At your full disposal Russian sauna, billiards and rental center (you can rent boats, catamarans, sport equipment).

At the lakeside cafe, you will be treated with the delicious dishes of Belarusian and European cuisine, prepared by our chef. We provide you with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our menu contains such dishes as barbeque, pelmeni, draniki, borsch (soup), grilled fish, vegetables and fruits. We offer our guests national drinks as well: vodka, wine and beer.

Tourists who prefer hunting and fishing will be pleased with all necessary conditions for these kinds of active pastime created by nature.


Fishing is one of the most ancient crafts of humankind. Nowadays it is a wonderful type of active holiday. Firstly, it is a good opportunity to take rest, not to think about problems and daily routine. Secondly, it is a great chance to stay at one with nature, to become its part for a while, to be excited by a good catch.


From the ancient times, experienced hunters have associated Braslav Lakes area with successful hunting. The nature took care of the high density of wild animals. The unique ecology of this Land of lakes has preserved the Ice Age traces.

Corporate holidays

A pleasant active holiday is very useful for company members. It helps to work out the corporate values, it raises loyalty and it strengthens the team spirit. We can help you in organizing a cheerful event that will stay in your memory for a long time.

Recreational camp “Aktam” possesses everything that is necessary to receive and to serve an organized group of visitors (cozy banquet hall for 80 persons and diverse menu).

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